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New Home Building

Tom Potter has well over 30 years experience as a General Contractor. With a great deal of his work showcased on Lake Minnetonka and in the surrounding area, Tom has earned a reputation for building lasting relationships with his clients and creating some of the finest homes in the greater Minneapolis area.

Tom Potter Construction has the experience, leadership, flexibility and capability to build your dream home, regardless of idea, size, or budget.

The work we do is not limited by or exclusive to any size home or budget.

At Tom Potter Construction, we encourage your full participation in the process and ask for your assistance in bringing your dream home to life. Please contact us so that we can show you our capabilities and put your vision into practice.


Tom Potter Construction has experience completing all levels of home remodel and renovation, including interior and exterior additions, remodeling single rooms, including kitchens and bathrooms, performing custom and faux painting services, and entire home renovations.

Tom Potter can assist you in changing an aspect or characteristic of a single room or in renovating your entire home. If your project includes creating a new space or recreating your current space within your existing home, Tom Potter has the experience and ideas necessary to assist you in bringing your ideas to fruition, all within your given budget.

While Tom has worked with a variety of architects throughout the Twin Cities area, his experience and knowledge allows him to help with the renovation plans of smaller spaces if you would prefer to not hire an architect.

Please contact us and let us help you customize your home.


Tom Potter Construction has archived years of kitchen makeovers and new construction. Please consult with us on your dream kitchen remodeling needs. As you can see from our portfolio of work, we have the skilled craftsman needed to make this important room a unique yet functional showpiece in your home. Let us work with you to determine your new kitchen's look and customize a plan to meet your every need.


Tom Potter Construction has your entire new bathroom remodel covered.

Whether you're looking for a grand master suite renovation, a spa themed escape, or just a modern update, Tom Potter can customize a bathroom plan for you. Consult with us to map your dream bathroom and let us take care of the rest.


Tom Potter Construction has the experience and craftsmanship to match your living style with your interior design needs. We will partner with you to design a functional living space that aligns with your personal style. Let us take your living space dreams from idea to execution.